John Osnes Violins

Anchorage, Alaska



All wood is subject to prior sale. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Internet sales must be paid prior to shipping. I take Mastercard, Visa and Discover credit cards, checks and cash and Paypal. If you have any questions or would like more pictures, please email me at or call 907-346-3609.


Cello stock:

Fingerboard blanks:

5 2007 Grade S Kass cello fingerboard blanks  $170 each

6 2007 Grade 2 Kass cello fingerboard blanks   $105 each

5 2008 Grade #1 Nova cello fingerboard blanks   $130 each

6 2008 Grade #4 Nova cello fingerboard blanks   $80 each

2 2008 Grade A JR cello fingerboard blanks      $75 each

1 2008 Grade B JR cello fingerboard blank      $72

1 Musaica Fortepressed wood cello fingerboard  $160

2 2014 Grade A Nova cello fingerboard blanks  $160 each


Cello tonewood

2 2008 2-piece Carpathian spruce sets $120 per set

2 1995 2-piece Carpathian maple sets with rib stock $250/set

1 2005 2-piece Bosnian maple tight grain and flame  $500

5 1-piece American Willow cello backs with ribs 2003,2004  $300

1 2-piece 1998 Willow cello back with rib stock   $250

2 carved cello scrolls with necks. One at $200, the other $120

2 2005 cello scroll blocks Battenkill Red Maple 6R $100 each

Various other scroll blocks for cello



2 precarved double-bass necks $180 each

Set of 4 Dick Bass tuners top-end $306

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Several Big Leaf Maple 2-piece and one-piece figured backs $70-250

Large enough for Viola, Violin or Mandolin


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Lots of Big Leaf maple, highly figured mostly sawn 2-piece from the 80s

Some Big Leaf one-piece backs.

Rock Maple 1-piece and two piece 20 years+ old

Lots of Sitka Spruce cut in the 80s in Southeast Alaska. Some split billets.